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Food Fight

I broke the 180s.  Down 1.2 lbs from yesterday.  That’s hot.  40 more days like yesterday and I’m at my target. The above graphic is taken directly from my scale this morning.  I weight myself every morning, naked, post- (TMI WARNING FOR THE SQUEMISH…AVERT YOUR EYES NOW UNTIL THE NEXT PARAGRAPH) shit. I think this […]

Gym? Rats.

I wrote ever so briefly yesterday about my goal: 140 lbs. That’s 50.6 lbs. to lose.*  I’m giving myself 5 months to lose it. Ten pounds a month sounds doable to me.  That’s 2.25/week, which by most doctors’ estimates is the upper limit of how much a person can reasonably expect to lose weekly and […]

Fats and Stats

So, I’ve been fat for about a year and a half.* How fat?  Well, here’s some big numbers to consider: I’m 5′ 4″, and I weigh… … … 193.8 lbs. Fuck.  That’s the fattest I’ve ever been.  You’ll get the history of my weight in another post.  for now, let’s just talk stats & how […]