Gym? Rats.

I wrote ever so briefly yesterday about my goal: 140 lbs.

That’s 50.6 lbs. to lose.*  I’m giving myself 5 months to lose it. Ten pounds a month sounds doable to me.  That’s 2.25/week, which by most doctors’ estimates is the upper limit of how much a person can reasonably expect to lose weekly and keep off.  Let’s start counting today: July 23rd.  In five months it will be December 23rd!  Huzzah!  Christmas Eve Eve I will be looking hot af for Jesus’ birthday. My gift to him will be rippling abs.

Let’s go over how I expect to do it.

My methods are not sexy or cool or cutting edge.  I’m looking down the barrel of a lot of leafy greens and hours spent on the elliptical.  I think losing weight is about routine.  Because gaining weight was a routine, too.  A routine is what got me where I am, right? Nightly pizza after work, weekends popping over to the ice cream spot. I’ve been eating like everyday is a 4th grader’s birthday party. How much does a 4th grader weigh? About 50 lbs I bet.  Carrying around this kid’s weight is not sustainable.  Not if I don’t want to end up some fat asshole on a rascal missing a foot.  Diabetes does run in my family.  So let’s forge a new future.

I have some tools I’ve been using that I think are going to be essential in getting off (heh-heh) and keeping off the weight:

-My Fitness Pal, which you can get here.  It’s a free calorie counter, and super easy to use. I used it once to lose weight, and it worked,** so I’m going back to it. It makes me conscious of what I’m putting in my mouth, and how many calories the junk really has in it.  If you try it out, don’t cheat, log EVERY SINGLE THING you put in your mouth.  MFP is the most useful when I’m completely honest with what I’m consuming.

-Fit Bit, the model I’m using can be found here. Or really any pedometer.  While the one that comes standard in your smart phone isn’t as accurate at counting expenditures as a Fit Bit, it will give you a good baseline of how many calories you’re burning daily.  The only way to lose weight is to eat fewer calories than you expend, so just make what’s going in smaller than what’s going out and you will be on the right track.

-Weight Gurus scale, find it here. I referred to my scale in the previous post, and wrote a little about what it can track.  I pair all three apps and they tell me all the things I need to know to lose weight: what I eat, how much I exercise, and my current weight (including my fat %). They are all synced so, for example, my Fit Bit tells My Fitness Pal how much I’m exercising, and I can adjust my calorie consumption accordingly.  But I choose not to take into account my exercise when it comes to calories eaten daily, and instead just count those extra burned calories in my deficit.  The point is to lose weight, not eat more just because I can.

At the gym, I do cardio, not weights, because my doctor told me I have high cholesterol, and that is a thing that was never, ever true about me.  I was a vegetarian for almost ten years, and was routinely told I had incredibly low cholesterol. My grandfather died of a heart attack, so that high cholesterol news scared the shit out of me. If you’re trying to lose weight, I suggest going to your doctor and asking them to be brutally honest with you.  Maybe you’ll get some horror show news that will scare the shit out of you, and light a fire under that ass, too.

So, cardio at the gym will lower my cholesterol and burn some calories and it’s good for my lungs, too.  And it’s good for lowering stress, too.  And it will help me sleep better at night while I’m worrying about my cholesterol.  Six days a week I do 30 minutes/daily, alternating between a fast walk on the treadmill to a steady pace on the elliptical.

Tomorrow let’s talk food: what am I eating and when am I doing it?


PS: My spacing after periods is all over the place.  You may have noticed, maybe you couldn’t give two shits less.  But I can’t figure out if I’m pro two spaces after or pro one space. I just wanted to acknowledge it so you didn’t think I was just some idiot who didn’t know he didn’t know how to properly type.

*I lost some weight between my last post and this post, which explains the discrepancy in weight from yesterday to today.  Hooray!
**But if I lost weight using MFP once and gained it back, am I sure using the app worked? Yeah. I am, because I stopped using it, and gained it all (and more) back. The complicated reasons for losing and gaining the weight will be discussed in a later post.

Fats and Stats

So, I’ve been fat for about a year and a half.*

How fat?  Well, here’s some big numbers to consider:

I’m 5′ 4″, and I weigh…

193.8 lbs. Fuck.  That’s the fattest I’ve ever been.  You’ll get the history of my weight in another post.  for now, let’s just talk stats & how I get them.

I have the Weight Gurus Bluetooth scale that you can find here.  I find the scale, after a brief set-up process, to be very user friendly.  You just link the scale to your phone and stand on it (the scale not the phone, dum-dum).  It calculates your BMI, and body composition percentage in four other key areas: % of bone, muscle, water, and fat.  My numbers are:

BMI: 33.3
Muscle Mass %: 33.2
Body Fat %: 31.7

I’m not logging water and bone here because I’m not trying to bore you to pieces.  I have those numbers logged if I want to consult them as I learn more about their importance in weight loss.  For now, let’s stick to the basics.

So what’s the goal? Well, as a trans person, that’s a little tricky.  Because although I have the primary sex characteristics of a man (facial hair, deeper-than-most-ladies voice, receding hairline [BUT STILL A HEALTHY AMOUNT OF HAIR UP TOP GODDAMNIT]) due to the testosterone I inject weekly, I do still have that pesky estrogen encouraging my body to store fat in a cis-lady way.  Physiologically it’s confusing.  Just because I take T shots my body doesn’t automatically become biologically male.  (Let’s not say that in front of the Bible thumpers, they wouldn’t understand & are easily confused.) For example, I can build muscle like a man but hang on to fat like I need to prepare to feed a baby with it.

The bottom line?

Sometimes, guys, we need to acknowledge we were women to become men.

So I won’t have the health goals of a cis-guy my age and height.  I will have the health goals for my body exactly, because I can remember being fit and healthy just about two years ago.  If you need a get skinnier goal for yourself, but have been fat for a long time, ask your doctor.  I REPEAT: ASK YOUR DOCTOR WHEN CONSIDERING A CHANGE IN DIET AND/OR EXERCISE.  Also, make sure your doctor gets trans stuff.  For example, when I went to my doctor and asked her what amount of calories I should be consuming to lose weight, she quoted me an amount for a cis-woman my height.  Because that’s how my body uses and stores those calories, like a cis-woman.

So here’s my initial goals**:

Weight: 140 lbs

That’s it. My only goal. I have a scale.  So I can track weight honestly. I know what my adult body looks like at 140.  It’s a weight I feel good in my clothes in.  It’s a weight that puts me back into my 32″ Levis. It’s the weight that turned heads at my 20 year high school reunion. Fuck, I have such a sharp suit in my closet that I look dead sexy in but now only my arms fit in the leg holes. Christ.

Also, I don’t want to over complicate things this early in the game.  With no encouraging results yet I’m hanging on by a thread here.  This early it’s all salads this and elliptical machine that and ugh.  Gross.  I just want to lay on the couch and watch UnReal and eat popsicles.  But that’s how I got here and here is so fat I have to lean forward to read my scale to see around the fat.

So let’s change some bad habits, shall we?


*This post originally started at a year, but I’ve been procrastinating writing this post/working on this blog/not shoving pizza in my face.  I wanted to tell you that so maybe you don’t beat yourself up too much if you’ve procrastinated too.
**I am not a doctor, and my plan is for my body specifically.  These are not suggestions for you, dear reader, to follow.  My only suggestion for you, if you want to embark on a weight loss journey of your own, is to first stop talk to your doctor.


Fuck Being Fat: An Introduction

Hi, I’m Eli.
A fat trans guy.
A fat trans guy in his 40s.
A fat, white, trans guy in his 40s.

God, I bet you guys can’t click away fast enough.

But wait, you know what people do love?
Comeback stories.
I’m letting you in on this one on the ground floor.

You see, I wasn’t always fat.  I was always trans, but just started the physical transition a little over five years ago.

If you give a shit about my transition, click over to this site’s big brother, My Life With Tits.

If not, stay put.  This entry ain’t over.

A Condensed Background for Interested Parties

Why am I here?  Well, I’m here writing this blog because I used to look hot in the mirror. That’s no longer the case. That’s my truth.  You don’t like it?  Fuck off, this blog’s not for you. Unless you’re a fat trans guy tired of being a fat trans guy.  Then this blog might be for you.

This blog is about my health, and FTM issues relating to health.  This blog is for trans guys, and cis guys, in that we sometimes overlap.  This blog is for allies if you find it helpful.

I swear a lot, and my outlook on my appearance and the way I talk about myself might not be for you.  That’s ok.  I bet there’s some shit you’re into that I find offensive.  So I can fuck off, right? Right. I can fuck right off.

But if you’re ok with the swears, and how I talk about my body, and you find this stuff interesting or helpful or encouraging, well then fuck yeah, stick around.  Watch my fat ass get skinny agin.

What Can I Expect as an Observer?

Welp, you can expect posts a couple times a week.

You can expect the swears to keep coming.

You can expect links and tips from others in the trans health community. You can expect responses to any queries within a reasonable amount of time.

You got questions?  Ask them.  If not, let’s get uncomfortable together. Let’s dive right the fuck in.